Presentation of the work “A data da destinarsi” by Lamberto Pignotti at the Farnesina Collection

Special day at the Farnesina on the occasion of the acquisition of the work “A data da destinarsi” by Lamberto Pignotti
The Maestro was honored with a beautiful presentation by the General Directorate for public and cultural diplomacy in the person of the Plenipotentiary Minister Filippo La Rosa.
Thanks also to Lorenzo Canova for his speech and to all the guests present.

We are happy to announce that

our artist,
the photographer

Marco Palombi
won the prestigious ANIMA award for photography.

ur artist,
father of visual poetry 

Lamberto Pignotti
was acquired by the Farnesina Collection with the work
A data da destinarsi

a data da destinarsi - collezione farnesina

A data da destinarsi

Lamberto Pignotti

Technique: 19 photos from newspapers, 19 poems
Measurements: Height 100cm Width 400cm
Year: 2020