Link critical text by Antonello Tolve

 nigredo – viriditas – albedo – rubedo

Particolare di Pinocchio

Isotta Giannetta’s exhibition project focuses attention, through an analytical course of studies, on the mysterious process through which the human being arrives at understanding and realizing himself: an anthroposophical path, abandoned by our way of conceiving the present and of which every trace of it has been lost. Through the 4 points of the exhibition ( Nigredo Viriditas Albedo and Rubedo ), Giannetta shows us her personal method of evolution and makes her personal research available to the public which is leading her to an ever greater penetration into causes, effects and results given by our existence.
Nigredo(work in black), consists of a tabula rasa, in a total annihilation of what the individual knew about himself and the world. The representation of this phase is proposed through collages and images developed by the artist during his economics studies.
Viriditas is the phase in which the purposes of existence are perceived in a more conscious way, where one is shaken from the sleep of reason : it is the becoming aware of the self. This phase is proposed through radiographic images (real or painted) of the human body where, in the centre, a colored nucleus is highlighted based on the type of person.
Albedo(work in white) is the phase of rebirth, the dawn of knowledge, the discovery of being “two”, the hesitation towards the new, the still invincible fear of what is too big. This phase is proposed through the figure of Pinocchio, the best-known Italian fairy tale in the world where the evolutionary process of the human being is embodied through the figure of a wooden puppet that transforms into a child. (There is no shortage of religious and esoteric references in these paintings).
Rubedo is the phase of the union of the two poles, the discovery of the sacred in itself when all fears are abandoned, when the impossible becomes possible. The world already knows this phase because great revolutions occur when this level is reached.

* The exhibition is accompanied by a limited edition catalogue/artist folder of 50 copies: a case with photos of the works produced together with the curator’s critical text and the artist’s biography.

Isotta Giannetta was born in Rome in 1996, graduated from Luiss Guido Carli in Economics and Management and obtained a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from Luiss Business School and the ABC Business Academy in Silicon Valley. After an initial experience in the field, she decides to dedicate herself completely to her personal research and deepens her knowledge of metaphysics on the core of man. She attends conferences and courses in anatomy, physics, chemistry, philosophy and astrobiology in order to develop a transversal analysis in the different branches of knowledge, always placing human existence at the centre. You have participated in various collective exhibitions with the environment and ecology as their theme. In 2020 you won the PescarArt Prize.