Video and photo Luca Carrazza
Video editing Andrea Fiorentini

On October 11th 2018 the new space for Art Bianco Contemporaneo Via Reno 18/a in Rome will open its visual arts programming with the exhibition M. E. R. d. A. Manifesti Elettorali Rettificati da Asporto by Pino Boresta.

To spread the opening of the exhibition, we shot a video as prequel of the inauguration which recount artist’s entrance in the gallery with the electoral posters to be corrected, and his action for modification untill to the final result from MER to M.E.R. d.A.

We would thank the participants who lent themselves as actors and with an ironic and serene spirit contributed to the creation of the video.

Thank you in order of arrival:
Laura Cherubini
Manuela De Leonardis
Egidio Emiliano Bianco
Adriana Polveroni
Laura Della Gatta
Daniele Contavalli
Ciriaco Campus