Opening  11 October 2018 Р6.00 pm
Via Reno 18/a Roma

The exhibition will run until January 15, 2019

The choice of the first artist to be exhibited in a new art gallery reveals the real character of the exhibition space. The wide offer that the artistic panorama proposes makes it difficult to orient oneself for the decision of what most will represent the place. Through his articles, published on Artribune, Pino Boresta has captured the attention, where, with an irreverent but never offensive vision, he analyzes the art world and narrates his original artistic experience.
Deepening the research, we discover a courageous and funny character, who knows and jokes with the art rules without ever transgressing them. He takes inspiration from all the avant-garde historical movements and at the same time denies them with his timely request to be part of the Art system.
The exhibit that we present initially was born like M.E.R. Manifesti Elettorali Rettificati and its subsequent development produces M.E.R.d.A. Manifesti Elettorali Rettificati da Asporto. Will be displayed election posters that will trace the Italian political parable from early years ’90 to about year 2014, rectified by the artist through the grimaces of his face.


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