Link texts – by Rossella Miccio, Francesca Fornario, Stefano Disegno, Ernesto Assante

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Amore e guerra


Fabio Magnasciutti

texts by
Rossella Miccio, presidente Emergency
Francesca Fornario, journalist and writer
Stefano Disegni, satirist
Ernesto Assante, journalist and music critic

 Via Reno 18/a – Roma

The exhibition continues until 9 March 2024,
from Tuesday to Saturday from 4.30pm to 7.30pm and by appointment


On Saturday 3 February 2024 at 5.30 pm the exhibition “Love and War” by Fabio Magnasciutti, an illustrator and cartoonist already known to the public who is passionate about the subject, will be inaugurated in the Bianco Contemporaneo spaces. Numerous illustrated books for the publishers Giunti, Curci, Lapis, Barta and others, and collaborations with newspapers and magazines such as Repubblica, il Fatto Quotidiano, Linus and Left.
His romantic, cultured, poignant, as well as satirical and ironic illustrations can be found in bookshops, museums and spaces dedicated to culture.
The exhibition intends to address a very widespread theme in this historical moment: “war”, but adding another somewhat obsolete but still effective topic: “love”; thus citing Woody Allen’s 1975 film in honor of the irony and delicacy always present in Magnasciutti’s works.
The kindness in Fabio Magnasciutti’s illustrations excites and pushes us to reflect on the power of kindness. Quality of someone who uses discretion and tact trying not to offend and not be inappropriate.
63 unique works will be exhibited, acrylic on print in two sizes (40×40 and 30×30) on natural artistic paper with passepartout, signed by the artist.
As is now customary at the Bianco Contemporaneo gallery, an artist catalogue/portfolio will be created with the works in the exhibition, in a limited edition of 50 copies.

Photos of the Works – Amore


Photos of the Works – Guerra

Opening – Amore e guerra february 3, 2024