Fabio Mangnasciutti

Born in ’66, illustrator and cartoonist, he has numerous books to his credit with the publishers Giuti, Curci, Lapis, Salami, Treccani and others. His collaborations include la Repubblica, L’Unità, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Linus and Left magazines with which he creates covers and cartoons. He has received several awards, including the 2015 best cartoonist award at the “Forte dei Marmi” Museum of Satire and teaches editorial illustration at the IED in Rome. In 2005 he founded the illustration school Officina B5.


Isotta Giannetta

Roman artist graduated in economics and management, she dedicates herself completely to her research to deepen her knowledge of metaphysics, anatomy, physics, chemistry, philosophy, and astrobiology in order to develop a transversal analysis in the different branches of knowledge, always placing at the center human existence

 la caduta della sfinge


Marco Palombi

Roman photojournalist, since the 1990s he has been traveling to collect images and videos for his reportages from around the world. Ethnic minorities, nomadic peoples and the contrasts between West and East become the fulcrum of his photographic research.

Lamberto Pignotti 

He is an Italian artist and poet, born in Florence but lives in Rome, he is one of the fathers of visual poetry. He has been one of the founder of Gruppo ’63 and Gruppo ’70 with other poets, painters, musicians, and scholars.

Francesco Impellizzeri

He is an artist and performer born in Trapani but lives in Rome and since the 1980s he began pictorial research on sign/color in relation to music and rhythm. His performances in the 90s/2000s were famous and gave life to characters who became pop icons. Today his initial chromatic research merges with the texts painted in silver.


Iginio Iurilli

He is an artist from Puglia, who has made the colors and materials of his land his distinctive trait. Through salt, sand and marble dust he exits the two-dimensionality of the canvas to enter the three-dimensional sphere of the sculpture.



Pino Boresta

He is an artist born in Rome but lives in Segni. He began his artistic career in the 90s, perceiving the spirit of the then nascent relational art, drawing inspiration from the information learned from the artistic environment of those years, body art, performance, urban intervention. In this atmosphere full of cultural references and full of stimuli he finds the idea of ​​disseminating stickers everywhere with the effigy of himself making faces of various kinds, thus being considered a street artist ante litteram.

 SHIT by Pino Boresta