Isotta Giannetta


Nigredo Viriditas Albedo Rubedo

 Antonello Tolve

Opening – October 7th 2023, at 5.30 pm – Via Reno 18A (Roma)

 the exhibitions continues until November 11th 

Particolare di Pinocchio

detail of Pinocchio

Isotta Giannetta’s exhibition project focuses attention, through an analytical course of studies, on the mysterious process through which the human being arrives at understanding and realizing himself: an anthroposophical path, abandoned by our way of conceiving the present and of which every trace of it has been lost.

Through the 4 points of the exhibition ( Nigredo Viriditas Albedo and Rubedo ), Giannetta shows us her personal method of evolution and makes her personal research available to the public which is leading her to an ever greater penetration into causes, effects and results given by our existence.

Bianco Contemporaneo

Bianco Contemporaneo is an art gallery of experimentation – investigation of the artistic environment aimed at both historical and contemporary scenarios and is active with its own projects throughout the national territory.

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