Amore e guerra


Fabio Magnasciutti

Amore - Fabio Magnasciutti
Guerra - Fabio Magnasciutti


 Via Reno 18/a – Rome

The exhibition continues until March 9 2024,

from Tuesday to Saturday from 4.30pm to 7.30pm and by appointment

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Rossella Miccio, President of Emergency

Red poppies hugging each other tightly amidst burning rubble, they brace themselves by telling each other the tale of peace in which “they all lived happily ever after”. With the poetry and irony that have always characterized his work, Fabio Magnasciutti accompanies us with his drawings through the disaster of war. CONTINUE Link test 

Francesca Fornario, Journalist, writer and radio presenter

It must be due to the mechanism that regulates the involuntary escape of gases from the body. Some exhale in the form of laughter, and the loudest laughter is the one that makes no noise. The ones you feel swelling in your chest and dissolving as they blow out of your nostrils, because while your stomach laughs your head resists and closes your mouth. CONTINUE Link test 

Stefano Disegni, Satirist and television author

FABIO MAGNASCIUTTI is a slalom champion. Launched into his dizzying creativity, he finds himself faced with unexpected vertical leaps of ingenuity, sudden turns towards paradoxical combinations, conceptual leaps of great style that few, perhaps no one, would have the courage to make, sudden turns towards oblique, surreal and comical solutions . irresistible is he who glimpses it and brings it out who knows
where (is he crazy? Does he use drugs, if so, tell us which ones? is he very intelligent, if so, tell us when it happened? does he take cues from a guiding spirit who only helps him, lucky? )…….. CONTINUE Link test 

Ernesto Assante, Journalist and music critic

Surrealist and at the same time real, Magnasciutti’s cartoons have the lightness of a dream and the harshness of reality, they know how to mix the power of fantasy and social or political commentary, they are immersed in history but at the same time they make fun of reality.
Suppose the song is the necessary meeting point between poetry and music, going beyond both. In that case, Fabio Magnasciutti’s cartoons are the necessary meeting point between art drawing and comics, going further in this case too. What we see makes us understand what we read, what we read is undermined by what we see, the constant game of contrast and mixing of languages, contents, signs and meanings makes his work particularly original……CONTINUE Link test 

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