Bianco Contemporaneo


Is a contemporary art gallery, born from the natural evolution of a project conceived in 2005 by Rossella Alessandrucci as a personal workshop/atelier in the Roman district of Pigneto. On 2009 it was transformed into a site-specific research gallery that invites young artists emerging to confront with the space made available: a white cube from which it took the name of “Whitecubealpigneto”.

Subsequently, in 2013, with the intention of expanding the concept of hospitality and territoriality, it also uses other spaces for the organization of exhibitions and events, including international ones and changes its name to “LaStellinaArteContemporanea”, in line with the artistic Association “La Stellina” which supports it founded by Rossella Alessandrucci and Antonio Martini.

In 2018, a place in the Coppedè area of Rome was opened taking the name “Bianco Contemporaneo”, always in line with the initial spirit of experimentation and investigation of the artistic environment, expanding its interest towards historical scenarios that have played important roles in the development of contemporary art, and more established artists were invited to partecipate.

Today Bianco Contemporaneo is active with its own projects throughout the national territory.