Rossella Alessandrucci

“Bianco Contemporaneo” is the natural evolution of a project conceived by Rossella Alessandrucci in 2005 with the laboratory “La Stellina” of Pigneto, opened as a personal atelier and then transformed in 2009 into a research gallery hosting young emerging artists. The different location and the greater space available do not change the purpose of the project. The Bianco Contemporaneo gallery continues in line with the initial spirit of her founder to be a place of experimentation consolidating the investigation of the surrounding artistic environment but also deepening the historical scenarios that have played important roles in the development of contemporary art.


Graduated from the KOEFIA Academy of Costume and Fashion, she combines her knowledge of artistic techniques with art history studies at La Sapienza University. Artist and gallery owner, she opened her art workshop in 2005, calling him “La Stellina” in the Pigneto district of Rome, where she created collages and paintings. Through the laboratory she knows some artistic associations of the neighborhood with which she begins a collaboration with the Municipio of Rome VI. Together they organize O-Maggio at Pigneto (2006), an event sponsored by the Department of Policies for the suburbs of the Municipio of Rome; when irony becomes art (2006) and when art becomes poetry (2008) events sponsored by the Municipio Rome VI. In 2009 she decides to open the doors of her workshop to other artists, transforming her space into a research gallery and abandons her personal artistic research to devote herself to the exploration of young talents. Call the gallery ironically “Whitecubealpigneto” which will then change to “LaStellinaArteContemporanea“. The first year of planning organizes and prepares the exhibitions personally. Her ideas are Fashion Victims of the photojournalist Marco Palombi and Invitation to the Palace of the Peruvian Carlos Atoche.

In the following years she invited young curators to collaborate, reserving in some cases the design of the projects and the choice of the artists. Her “Il Prossimo mio” cycle of 6 exhibitions on the Millennium Goals (2010-2011) sponsored by the Province of Rome, the European Parliament and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies; Myra/on Trasformations “Tribute to Gore Vidal” cycle of 4 exhibitions dedicated to the book Myra Breckinridge (2011-2012); Capolinea 19 exhibition dedicated to the Roman tram 19 (2014) where she compares the painting by Sergio Ceccotti and the writing of Edoardo Albinati; hUman Tribe of the Neapolitan street artist Jorit AGOch (2015) ideation, care and critical text of the exhibition. This will be the last exhibition at the space of Via Braccio da Montone. Later she organizes exhibitions in different places of the world.

In October 2015, on the occasion of the Italian language week in the world, she edited and wrote the critical text of the exhibition InCANTO ITALIANO with Michele Abramo and Francesco Impellizzeri at the Italian Consulate in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia); in November 2015 she produced the collective Il sangue delle donne – traces of red on the white cloth at the International House of Women in Rome in collaboration with Manuela De Leonardis who is the creator of the project, for the occasion writes the introduction to the catalog of the exhibition; in June 2016, on the occasion of the Italian Republic Day, she organizes and cares the exhibition Italian Wedding at the Italian Consulate in Jeddah, for which she receives acknowledgement by the city of Jeddah by the deputy mayor Ms. Arwa Al-Aama; in December 2016 she contributes to the organization of the exhibition Il viaggio dello sparviero di Maimouna Guerresi presso la Galleria Hafez di Jeddah; in February 2017 She organized at the Roman gallery Interno 14 the exhibition of Massimo Napoli Drosophila Melanogaster, of which she writes the introduction to the catalog; in January 2018 she wrote the introduction to the catalog of the double solo exhibition of Fiorenzo Zaffina and Claudia Quintieri Apparenze at the BorghiniArteContemporanea gallery.

Articles and reviews:

  • In 2014, together with other important curators and critics, she reviews a work for the catalog-artist’s book of the dreamlike nature exhibition “the memory of objects” by Pablo Mesa Capella.
  • In February 2016 she published an article in the Artribune magazine on the art week in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).

Articles about her:

  • In November 2011 Insideart magazine dedicated an article entitled “The essential in a cube“.
  • In June 2016 the Saudi newspaper Saudi Gazzette dedicated an article entitled “A century of glorious gowns” by Layan Damanhouri on the occasion of the exhibition “Matrimonio all’italiana”.


Some of the most significant exhibitions organized in the “LaStellinaArteContemporanea” gallery.

Drosophila Melanogaster
21 feb 2017 – 28 feb 2017
Drosophila Melanogaster
Solo exhibition by Massimo Napoli
Critical text by Claudia Quintieri. Catalog on display with preface by Rossella Alessandrucci.
Il sangue delle donne
1 may 2016 – 14 may 2016
Il Sangue delle Donne – Tracce di rosso sul panno bianco
Group expositions
Edited by Manuela De Leonardis and Rossella Alessandrucci
Sasha Huber
3 dec 2014 – 13 jen 2015
I love JaNY
Solo exhibition by Sasha Huber
Edited by Stella Bottai
Jorit Agoch
5 may 2015 – 29 may 2015
hUman Tribe
Solo exhibition by Jorit AGOch
Edited by Rossella Alessandrucci
Capolinea 19
19 mar 2014 – 18 apr 2014
Capolinea 19
Solo exhibition by Sergio Ceccotti with texts by Edoardo Albinati
As an idea of Rossella Alessandrucci – edited by Stella Bottai
Pablo Mesa Capella
14 nov 2013 – 20 dec 2013
Deus ex machina (messa a punto)
Pablo Mesa Capella
Edited by Stella Bottai