Bianco Contemporaneo is a place for the Art that arises from the blending of two admirers from different backgrounds, Rossella Alessandrucci gallery owner and Pasquale Sabatelli musician. Together decide to open a space where visual arts and musical arts coexist.

White is the color with the maximum light intensity and despite the absence of tint it includes all the colors of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is the concept that gave life to this project, a place where all forms of contemporary art converge to spread the contained energy. The strong research vocation aims to host Italian and foreign artists with the idea of stimulating collaboration and the exchange of experiences among those who know how to understand and explain the stimuli of the contemporary.

Create partnerships with other spaces, both domestic and international, to produce synergies and shares and to promote emerging and historic artists to be included in projects with a strong contemporary impact.

Composers, performers and improvisers will find the ideal place to propose their music even interacting with the listeners present.

The space is located in the heart of the magical and mysterious Coppedè area, which in the mixture of the different architectural styles as Liberty, Baroque and in certain cases even inspires to medieval era, corroborates the idea of harmony although the diversity that is the purpose of Bianco Contemporaneo.