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Rossella Alessandrucci


“I actively approached the world of art only in 2005 opening a small gallery at an emerging district of Rome, through it I have had the possibility to know many artists and professionals in the field who concurred to destroy my romantic idea of art. Thanks to the awareness acquired today I can more clearly distinguish an authentic thought from over-structured one, and the same for the territorial placement of the gallery.

I was convinced in that area I could express with greater freedom the ideas of the artists I was choosing. This was not true, the social-intellectual canons in the substance do not change between one place and another, instead is changed my approach to the Art.

I felt the experience was over in 2015 and now I’m ready to open again the parenthesis in a neighborhood more sober and elegant but with unchanged the desire to call artists who have a strong sense of the present”.

Rossella Alessandrucci

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Pasquale Sabatelli


“I went away from a small town in Cilento, for landing in Salerno in the local college called The Serraglio, a place of arts and crafts, where over the years, in a large room overlooking the gulf of the city, I dedicate myself to the study of cello, of the piano and later the bassoon. Following three years in Sicily, at the Massimo Bellini in Catania, afterwards in my youth aspirations’ city: Rome.

For forty years in the orchestra of the Teatro dell’Opera I had the opportunity to play the bassoon. But what I really felt was mine the nature of the place: the Theater. The Theater in its various manifestations of art: opera, dance and choreography, set design, direction with lights and stage movements. Along the time I take part also compositions for small groups, for solo piano and with vocals.

Today, I want to collect and extend my previous experiences in the music field to ensure that the protagonists of the new music find with Bianco Contemporaneo the space where to propose their compositions, also interacting with the listeners present. This is my purpose and commitment to ensure that the composers, interpreters, improvisers leave an authentic sign of our time. “

Pasquale Sabatelli