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Rossella Alessandrucci


“I actively approached the world of art only in 2005 opening a small gallery at an emerging district of Rome, through it I have had the possibility to know many artists and professionals in the field who concurred to destroy my romantic idea of art. Thanks to the awareness acquired today I can more clearly distinguish an authentic thought from over-structured one, and the same for the territorial placement of the gallery.

I was convinced in that area I could express with greater freedom the ideas of the artists I was choosing. This was not true, the social-intellectual canons in the substance do not change between one place and another, instead is changed my approach to the Art.

I felt the experience was over in 2015 and now I’m ready to open again the parenthesis in a neighborhood more sober and elegant but with unchanged the desire to call artists who have a strong sense of the present”.

Rossella Alessandrucci

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